Lori Twillman of Calwood, MO was used to bad Internet service. She’d tried several providers, only to be disappointed each time she switched.

Socket recently attended the Missouri Association of School Administrators 2014 Spring Conference, held in Lake Ozark from March 19th – 21st. We got the opportunity to speak to several school districts throughout the state, some of which are already our happy customers.

“I was extremely pleased with the interest we received in Socket’s Hosted PBX phone service.  It really validates our belief that it’s a perfect solution for many school districts that have outdated technology, have limited IT resources and limited budgets," said Melissa Higgins, Socket Representative.

Spring is finally here, and our fiber construction and installation crews are back to work! Crews have been burying fiber-optic lines to homes and businesses for a couple weeks now, and installations resumed earlier this week.

We're keeping them busy installing customers who signed up over the winter and have been eagerly awaiting service. If you're not already on the list, now's the time to do so.