Of all the ways to design a keyboard, how did we end up with QWERTY?

Back in the late 1800’s, typewriters had a more conventional “ABCDE” layout of keys. The problem? Pressing two neighboring keys could cause the keys to clash and jam together, ruining the typed paper. This was especially common with certain letter combinations like “st.”

There’s nothing like a little spring cleaning to put the winter season behind us… want to join in?

Socket will again be helping out during the annual Cleanup Columbia event, scheduled for April 12th. Hundreds of volunteers will be tidying up public areas that day, including many of the organizations featured on the Adopt-A-Spot signs you may have seen around town.

Lori Twillman of Calwood, MO was used to bad Internet service. She’d tried several providers, only to be disappointed each time she switched.