Socket was proud to once again help sponsor the Dream Factory Poker Tournament – and even if none of our representatives made it to the final table, we still had an amazing night.

The Dream Factory is a volunteer organization that grants wishes to critically and chronically ill children across Mid-Missouri; everything from dream vacations with their families to day-to-day support as they go through treatment. This year’s tournament ended up raising over $100,000- enough to grant dreams to over 20 children!

Botnets are made up of ordinary computers that have been infected with malware.  The owners of these computers might notice unusual slowness or odd behavior, but many don't realize they're infected at all.

When the creator of the botnet sends out an order, all the infected computers act on it. These commands can be anything from sending spam email to generating large amounts of random traffic. Having thousands of computers simultaneously visit a site can cripple it, in what is known as a "DDoS" (Distributed Denial of Service) attack.