This week, the Washington Post reported that a computer had finally passed the Turing Test.

While many other publications quickly pointed out that this was probably not correct, it sparked a jump in searches on what the Turing Test is.

So… what is it?

In 1950, computer scientist Alan Turing proposed the question, “Can machines think?” As this question was deemed too difficult to answer (how do you define “think?”), a new, solvable problem was proposed: can a machine trick someone into thinking it’s a human?

Online shopping has, in many ways, made it easier to find that perfect gift. However, it’s also made it easier to ruin the surprise, especially when members of a household share a computer.

We’ve heard the same story multiple times now – after purchasing a gift, that item then appears in advertisements all across the web. After getting bombarded with ads for a very specific model of laptop, it’s hard to not guess what just arrived in the mail.