With over 250 million users, Pandora is by far the most popular Internet radio service in the world. However, it works differently than most other online music services, which can be confusing for new users.

Pandora is part of the “Music Genome Project” – a massive undertaking to classify thousands of tracks based on their musical attributes. Each song that Pandora plays has been analyzed by a musician (a process which takes at least 20 minutes per track), and classified using over 400 different “genes.”

For a while there, it seemed like heavy storms were a certainty – just one of the unavoidable risks of having an event in July

Luckily, though, the rain held out yesterday for the 2nd Annual Mizzou Sports Properties Golf Invitational, presented by Socket. Even the usual heat wave was missing, with the temperature hovering around a balmy 80 degrees.

We always love having Pepe's over for lunch at our Columbia office... although the delicious smells can make it difficult to concentrate!