While this "My Little Pony" game is free to download, the "gems" used as in-game currency are sold in packs for up to $30 each.

If you have children who use your mobile devices to play games, it might be a good idea to double-check your system settings.

We’ve already gone over how Pandora builds customized stations in a previous post – so how can you make the most of the Music Genome Project?

Check out the tips below to create a station you’ll love:

Create stations from songs, not artists:

In its simplest form, crowdsourcing is simply generating ideas or work through the power of a crowd – usually enabled by the Internet. Wikipedia, for example, is one of the largest crowdsourced works in the English language, comprised of over 4.5 million articles submitted from all over the world.

The latest evolution of crowdsourcing is crowdfunding; collecting (often small) donations from a massive number of people. Charities, naturally, have benefitted from this type of funding scheme. However, quite a few for-profit projects have gotten off the ground this way too.