Here at Socket, everyone is involved in creating an exceptional customer experience. So when it comes to celebrating Customer Service Appreciation Week, everyone gets to join in!

We began this week with a hot breakfast waiting for the staff, and followed up with an ice cream social on Wednesday. We've also been sprinkling some gift card raffles in throughout the day as well.

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Socket Fiber now features speeds up to 300 Mbps. That's fast! 

Take a look below for some practical (and not so practical) examples of what you COULD do with that speed. Although, you might not necessarily want to.

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Congratulations to Demian Cook, Business Center Analyst, for being named the September recipient of Socket’s You-Make-The-Difference award!

Demian started at Socket in 2012 as a Business Center Analyst, and is now a Tier II with the department.  In her current role, Cook helps business customers with any service issues, as well as helping serve as a resource for her fellow agents.