Four signs your business is ready for a T1.

High-Speed DSL is a cost-effective way for many homes and businesses to connect to the Internet. However, as your business grows and changes, it’s important for your Internet service to keep up. You know it’s time to consider an upgrade if any of the following factors apply to your business:

Columbia, Mo.—One in five Missouri households can't get high-speed Internet service, according to a recent study conducted by the Missouri Public Service Commission. This doesn't mean those families aren't using the Internet, however, as most of them go online using dial-up Internet connections.

While it's true dial-up is slower than its broadband counterparts, the myth that new and emerging technological advancements are out of reach for dial-up users is simply not true.

Many businesses struggle to find an efficient way to communicate with co-workers and customers in other locations. The right solution depends on the distance, as well as the nature, frequency and cost of the communication. Some options to consider include: