If your business operates at several locations, take a close look at multi-protocol label switching (MPLS). It could save you money and improve the reliability and performance of your network.

MPLS detours traffic around problem areas of a network. It also allows businesses to customize how information is transferred and designate which traffic should take highest priority.

Four ways your business could benefit from this convenient service.

Many businesses benefit from conference calls, regardless of size, industry or the technical expertise of employees. Here are a few ways conference calling can help your business:

Smart business owners know that now is the time to check spending habits at the door. They increase spending on sales and customer retention and decrease spending on unnecessary bills. Many businesses still haven't taken a look at where the most wasteful spending occurs: the phone bill.

According to Aberdeen Group, a telecommunications research company, 90% of telecom invoices contain billing errors. These errors vary from taxing inaccuracies to inactive services that are still being billed.