Four features you may not have known about.

T1s offer enhanced connection speeds, reliability and security. However, many businesses may not be aware of all the possibilities this technology can offer to a network. Here are a few worth considering:

Columbia, MO—In today’s fast-paced business environment, staying connected with fellow co-workers and customers is increasingly essential to a firm’s success. However, time-pressed employees with busy schedules can sometimes make it difficult for a business to keep in touch with these important people.

Furthermore, many businesses are realizing the negative effects of rising gas prices and other increases in travel expenses. Earlier this year, the IRS increased the standard mileage rate to 50.5 cents, up two cents from 2007.

Individuals who spend a lot of time at a computer - at work, home or both - realize physical comfort is crucial to productivity, morale and good health. However, relatively few people know how to properly set up their workstation or home office to avoid common problems such as eyestrain, neck and back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and other serious medical conditions resulting from poor ergonomics.