Columbia, MO—Businesses today rely on corporate technology networks and Internet connections for sales, operating, transactional and financial systems. However, this global connectivity comes with the risk and liability of a data network breach. No business or organization is immune to cyber attacks, which is why many business owners are allocating time and resources towards network security. According to The Economist, 45% of companies have appointed a Chief Risk Officer, with another 25% planning to recruit one in the future.

Most of us have been there before. Occasionally an email from a friend is littered with peculiar boxes and icons that appear as if they don’t belong. This is not some secret, coded language but rather the result of what happens when the dialogue between two computers is formatted incorrectly. Frustrating as this tech gibberish may be, there are certain precautions to take to increase the likelihood of a file or e-mail appearing as intended.

Nothing brings productivity in the office to a near standstill quite like a slow Internet connection. This problem is often exacerbated when company employees frequently browse Web sites and run applications not related to work during office hours. Establishing a cut and dry policy on employee Internet usage is a useful first step, but sometimes this isn't enough.