In today’s digital age, backing up your important electronic files is absolutely crucial. In the event of damage to your computer, backup copies can help restore most or all of your original data.

Deciding what to back up is highly personal. Anything you cannot easily replace should be at the top of your list. Before you get started, make a checklist of files to back up. This will help you determine what to back up, and also give you a reference list in the event you need to retrieve a backed up file.

Millions of Americans were projected to buy a new computer in 2010. In fact, the 2010 holiday season saw a 25% increase in computer hardware purchases, according to research firm comScore.

New computers often come with pre-installed demoware, or trial versions of software applications, many of which start running as soon as the computer is turned on. These third-party programs help subsidize costs for the manufacturer, lowering prices for the consumer. Some of these programs can be helpful and may even introduce computer users to new software. However, many demoware programs are rarely or never used and unnecessarily harm the system's performance by consuming memory and slowing the machine down.

It might be time to upgrade to a T1.

As telecommuting becomes more common and busy employees travel to visit clients or vendors, VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology is increasingly used to stay connected to the workplace. Many business VPNs can receive a big boost with an upgrade from DSL or cable to a T1 connection.