Columbia, MO—In these tough and uncertain economic times, seeking value and bargains is as important as ever. Fortunately, having a computer with Internet access makes it easy to find deals and save money.

Often, saving money is as simple as visiting a few Web sites.

Socketeers busted a move to benefit the Ronald McDonald House in the Columbia Corporate Dance Off sponsored by Socket!

Socketeers competed against each other during the preliminary round for the chance to represent Socket at the Columbia Corporate Dance Off Finals on July 28.

Socket's Preliminary Round was June 24. Congratulations to winner Jason Christian!

Most of us enjoy spending some amount of our free time on the internet, whether it’s watching our favorite shows, streaming music, playing online games, or shopping around.

But what if you could only spend just a few hours a day doing all of those things or else you would have to pay extra? Some Internet Service Providers will charge you a fee for just watching another couple of episodes on Netflix, shopping a bit more on Amazon, or talking to grandma and grandpa on Skype for a while longer.