Traveling Internet users tap into any public wireless hotspot at local restaurants, coffee shops and libraries to check e-mail and visit Web sites on the road. An April 2009 study by Pew Research Center showed that 56 percent of adult Americans have accessed the Internet through a wireless network. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are taking advantage of these conveniences, causing headaches for Wi-Fi users across the country.

Smart business owners everywhere are brainstorming ways to cut back, save money and increase productivity. However, many businesses could simply save a significant amount of money each year by making small changes to reduce the effects of information overload, especially the overuse of e-mail.

It can sometimes be difficult to keep your e-mail inbox tidy, especially if you receive a lot of messages. Even if spam is dealt with through some type of filter, many messages can remain from many different people and dealing with many different subjects.

"We can all use a little help keeping our e-mail in order," says Shawn Harness, a technical support representative for Socket. "Fortunately, once you familiarize yourself with it, a program like Outlook Express can help you stay organized."