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Industry: Government

Socket Services: Fiber Internet and Phone 

Location: Boonville, Missouri

Website: https://boonvillemo.org/


City of Boonville

The City of Boonville had been running on a fiber network and working with a large provider to service their day-to-day internet needs. They also relied on a large company to provide phone services. Over time, they ran into numerous issues with billing and had to file several FCC complaints to get their situation resolved.

In 2019, the city ran into the perfect opportunity to switch providers for both phone and internet. Socket was able to provide high-speed fiber internet to the city, connecting their buildings, water towers, treatment plants, and security cameras. Each of these was connected to one server location that can be accessed by the city. This means that information across buildings is consistent and updated.

With the faster internet, Boonville’s fire department can participate in virtual training classes for their team. City council meetings are streamed live, and water towers can be monitored to prevent issues before they arise. 

Boonville was unsure about the possibility of phone services with Socket. Their previous large provider had failed to offer them a good solution in a timely manner. But Socket’s team worked together to deliver a superior phone option. 

Since switching to Socket, the city has had peace of mind knowing that they have a main contact to reach out to and get their problems solved as soon as possible. Having a familiar sales representative who makes them a priority has made their internet and phone experience so much easier. Socket’s simple billing has allowed the city to better budget for their phone and internet services in years to come.