There are multiple reasons why having a home phone might be right for you.

Home phone service is not as popular as it used to be. According to Statista, Less than 30% of US households have landlines, compared to 90% in 2004. While not as popular as they used to be, certain individuals can benefit greatly from a landline in their home. Here are a few reasons why having a home phone may be right for you.


The prices of cell phones have risen steadily over the years. Not only do you have to make a large investment into the phone itself, you also have monthly payments and a contract for service. With Socket, you can add a landline to your internet package for just an additional $20 per month. If you only plan to use your phone to make and receive calls and you don’t travel a lot, a home phone can save you a lot of money.

911 Calling

Another benefit of a home phone is there is an address tied to the phone number. This is useful for first responders in getting to your home quickly and easily. If it is an emergency, those few minutes saved could be crucial.

Most security systems also require a home phone so they can give you a call when your alarm goes off to verify you are okay. If you plan to add an alarm system in the future, Adding a home phone might be a good option. 

Reliability & Quality

Home phones are more reliable than cell phones. Calls are much less likely to drop on landlines and with traditional copper lines; you can still make calls when the power goes out. If you are in an area with little to no cell service, a landline allows you to stay in touch with friends and family.

Quality also improves on landline phones versus cell phones. If you want a clear connection, you would be better off sticking with a home phone.

Ease of Use

Home phones have not changed much over the years. Some may have a screen, but they are not touch screens like modern cell phones. There are physical buttons for everything which makes it fairly simple to use. If you have not kept up with the constantly advancing technology, landlines are something most people are familiar with and know how to operate. 

Not every home has a landline in 2023, but there are multiple reasons why it might be a good idea for you. Socket’s home phone service includes features like unlimited local calling, caller ID, voicemail, and more. You will also receive a straight-forward bill with no hidden fees or rate hikes. See if our home phone service is available in your area today!