Enjoy high-speed Internet without a landline.

Phone and Internet availability in St. Peters, MO
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No phone required. No hidden fees or surcharges. No worries for a whole year.
We don't like fine print, either.

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Sign up for one year of up to 6 Mbps Naked DSL Internet in St. Peters and save!

Special Offer in St. Peters, MO
$450 for one year of Naked DSL

  • Up to 6 Mbps High-Speed Internet
  • Continuous, always-on connection
  • No active telephone service required (a phone jack is needed, however)
  • No monthly bills to pay for an entire year
  • Local tech support, 7 days-a-week
  • Unlimited downloads with no data caps
  • Modem/Wireless router lease included

Questions about Naked DSL? Check our Naked DSL FAQ Page.

Call us today at 636-387-5990 or sign up now.


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