Internet Services for Boonville, MO Residents
Fast Internet. Local support. Friendly people.
That's what we've been delivering to Boonville residents like you for years.
Our high-speed DSL and dial-up Internet packages feature honest pricing from Moberly's local Internet provider.

  • Flat rate includes taxes.
  • Fast, reliable Internet.
  • Unlimited local tech support.

 or give us a call at 660-882-8400.

You'll be glad you did. Your neighbors are. Here's what they're saying about Socket:

"I have recommended Socket internet service to several of my friends because I really appreciate the reliability of service, and the prompt and courteous service interaction. I have NEVER had an unpleasant experience with Socket! I have never had any trouble with the DSL line either--and this is a very big point of satisfaction for me. Thanks Socket!"
-Diana B.
Columbia, MO

"A user could not receive better, courteous, caring attention, walking you through the correction of any problem. The TECHNICAL SUPPORT GROUP HAS ALL THE ANSWERS."
-Ralph C.
Columbia, MO

"I never have a problem connecting with Socket's service. There are always easy fixes to tech problems...which is rare."
-Katie M.
Columbia, MO

Get started and see what's available to your location.

We like to get involved with the community and participate in various local events. See what we've been up to around Mid-Missouri over at our community blog.

If you own a local business in Boonville, MO and are interested in our available services, check out our many business service options so you can get connected.

In the future, we would like to add HD video TV services to the list of available services offered in Boonville. Socket is currently in the process of establishing a fiber-to-the-home network across Callaway county and would like to expand that network into the Booneville area. Check back with us for updates and information on progress in this area.

For more information about Socket extending the fiber network in Callaway County and future service options, view our information about the Callaway County Fiber Project.

Can you get it? Find out.

You want to surf the Web, check e-mail and watch videos at lightning speed. Without tying up your phone line.
Socket’s High-Speed DSL does just that. No dialing up – you’re always online and browsing up to 50 times faster than dial-up.
Plus, you can surf on your laptop throughout your home, or share your connection among multiple computers using a wireless router that’s fully supported by Socket.
And if you have a problem? Well, just give our local tech support folks a call and we'll help get you back up and running in no time.
 Or, you give us a call at 660-882-8400.

All dial-up is not created equal. There is a better way.

Socket's Premium Dial-Up combines a speedy Web accelerator with the convenience of aspam filter and pop-up blocker. All making your browsing experience more enjoyable.

Plus, you'll have access to our local Missouri tech team, giving you answers and help in plain English.

All for just $21.95/month, or as low as $17.91/month when you pre-pay a year.
Looking for a basic, no-frills connection? Try Unlimited Dial-Up for just $19.95/month.

View package details or see what's available to you.Or, give us a call at 660-882-8400 to find out which dial-up option is best for you.