Congratulations to the winners of our 2015 Art in the Park Coloring Contest!

1st Place (3-7 Division): Hayden, Age 7 - "Pet Store"

1st Prize (8-11 Division): Jamison, Age 11 - "Petite Petals"

Check out the entries below, including the winners, at our Facebook page:


Socket employees voted on their favorite entries to this year's competition. Congratulations to our winners, Jamison and Hayden!

Posted by Socket on Thursday, June 11, 2015

The entries were separated into two age groups: ages 3-7, and 8-11.

1st Prize (3-7 Division): $50 gift card to Tiger Bounce

1st Prize (8-11 Division): $50 gift card to Lazer Lanes


1. One entry per child.
2. No added materials (i.e. glitter, glue or stickers) to the page.
3. Each entry must have all contact information filled out, including parental consent.

Entries will be posted at Socket's Columbia office and voted on by staff members, with votes being tallied on June 10th. Winners will be notified via phone and email. Winners' names, photos, and artwork may be posted on the Socket website and Facebook page. Entries will not be returned.