Socket Attends the Ninth Annual Costal Electric Invitational

Socket was proud to help sponsor the Ninth Annual Coastal Electric Invitational on Monday, May 12th.  Representatives from Socket and Veterans United played together as part of the charity tournament benefitting Woodhaven, a community dedicated to helping adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities succeed.
Luckily, the storms held off until after the tournament was over, and our golfers were able to enjoy some lovely May weather.
For more information on Woodhaven and how you can help, visit their website at

Staying Safe on Craigslist

It’s garage sale season, and in these days that translates to the “online” version of a garage sale too – Craigslist.
There are usually some great local deals to be found on the site, but there are always a few bad apples as well. Here are some behaviors to keep an eye out for, both to protect yourself financially, as well as to ensure your personal safety:
If you’re buying:

  • Make sure to buy locally, and don’t wire or send money. There’s no regulatory body on Craigslist, so if you never receive your purchase, you’re probably out of luck.
  • Only do business with people who will meet face-to-face. Even if they say they are local, they may not be.
  • If you’re meeting with a seller to pick up a purchase, try to meet somewhere public, like a gas station or restaurant. If you’re required to pick something up from a home, bring a friend and let others know where you’re going.

If you’re selling:


  • Don’t use your home phone number, address, or real email in the post. Your number can be traced to your physical address, so use a cell phone instead. Additionally, Craigslist can mask your email if you choose to use it as a contact method, but NOT if you include it in the body of your post.
  • Don’t work with people who want to pay through wired funds, cashier’s check, money order, etc. If it turns out the payment is fake, you could be on the hook for the money.
  • Don’t ever accept more money than you’re charging – for example, someone gives you a $300 check for a $200 item and asks for a $100 refund. Chances are the check isn’t good.

The most important thing for buyers and sellers and alike is to trust your instincts. If something feels off, or too good to be true, it probably is!

Customer Kudos!

Our techs always love hearing from customers they've helped out. Even if it's their job, it's still nice to hear it was a job well done.
Take this email we received about residential tech agent Jesse M., for example:
"Just had a super nice young man from my internet service of help me reconfigure my DSL modem, he was so patient with me and talked me thru it all, he made my day for me, what a wonderful young man he is, Thank You again Jesse. I have been with socket for many years and this young man should be commended for his patience and kindness, specially since I am an older lady but he was so kind and patient with me. God Bless him." [sic]
If there's a tech you'd like to tell us about, drop us a line! Send an email to, or complete our customer survey at

Socket Fiber Story: Jeff H.

For many rural residents, satellite Internet used to be the only alternative to dial-up. Customers would tolerate slow speeds and weather-related outages because they simply had no better option.
Jeff H. of Millersburg, MO was one of those customers. While his satellite Internet used to be sufficient for him, the satellite dish quit working one day.  A technician came out and fixed it right away.  "A day or two later I got a phone call," Jeff says. "I was told that I had to pay over $300 or pay a monthly service fee."  Jeff decided to do neither.
“When I said I wasn't interested, I was told to return all of the equipment. I couldn't believe they wanted me to pay to fix something that didn't even belong to me,” he says. “I dropped them and went without Internet for two years. I was OK with that because I was pretty much getting nothing anyway."
However, when Socket brought high-speed fiber Internet to town, Jeff decided to get back online. He’s back to surfing the Web, paying bills online, and now watching about 90% of his TV viewing online, too.
“Now that we don’t have to worry about data caps or speed fluctuations like we had with satellite, we can use Netflix and Hulu,” Jeff says. “We’re even able to watch TV and use other devices at the same time.”
Most importantly, Jeff’s happy to be done with satellite for good and is happy with his decision to sign up for Socket Fiber.
“It’s worked out really well.”

How to Avoid Facebook Scams

As with most places online, Facebook has its fair share of people willing to trick others for their own gain. The end goal of many of these schemes is to either gather sellable information, like emails or passwords, or to get the victim to install malicious software.
Being aware of how these scams work can help stop their spread, so if you spot one, make sure your friends know too!
Don’t Automatically Trust Apps!

There is no such thing as a "dislike" button on Facebook, despite many apps claiming to add one.

Facebook Apps are programs developed by third parties (that is, not by Facebook) that can do any number of things. However, since Facebook can’t check each and every one of them, they don’t necessarily deliver what they promise.
One of the most common ruses is an app that claims to show you “who’s been looking at YOUR profile!” These cannot work, as Facebook does not share that info. But downloading the app will still give the developer access to your profile information, which you may not have been willing to share otherwise.
Before installing any apps, double-check the profile info it’s asking for access to. Any legitimate app should tell you why it’s requesting specific info. For instance, an app that lets you edit pictures has a reason for requesting access to your photos. A horoscope app does not.
If your “friend” is acting suspicious, think twice!
There are quite a few schemes that take advantage of people trusting their friend’s profiles. However, there are usually warning signs, if you know what to look for.
If you get a friend request from someone you’ve already added on Facebook, it could be someone attempting to “clone” your friend’s page by copying their name and profile picture. Or, if your normally reserved friend starts posting “juicy” celebrity gossip links, their account may have been hacked. Those links probably lead to spam sites.
If in doubt, it never hurts to check with your friend first and ask.
Don’t Click the Click-Bait!

Here is an example of an adorable kitten. You're welcome.

“Like” if you love kittens! “Share” if you love puppies! …Who doesn’t?
These types of items are sometimes called click-bait, and it’s not always harmless. Unscrupulous page owners can post items that tug at your heartstrings, gathering hundreds of thousands of “Likes.” And once they have enough people subscribed to their page, they can strip the page and post whatever they’d like – anything from spammy marketing materials to malicious links.
Sometimes these owners will go so far as to create a false story, backed up with stolen photos; a child with cancer, or a family who has lost their home. If the story is legitimate, a quick Google search should confirm it. However, if the post doesn’t contain any identifying information or info on how to help, it’s probably not true.
Facebook can be a great place to catch up with friends, or just pass some time. As long as you take some basic precautions, you can help keep it spam free. Your friends will thank you!

Dave Sill - Socket's You-Make-The-Difference Award Winner for April 2014!

He is described as the “end all fixer of fixers” – April’s You-Make-The-Difference Award winner is Dave Sill!

Originally from Lexington, MO (like last month's winner!), Dave studied at Columbia College before starting at Socket, where he’s been for over 15 years.

“It would probably be quicker to list the roles I haven’t had with Socket,” said Dave. “Right now I’m the ‘Internal Network Operations Manager.’ Whatever that means.”

"Whatever that means" seems to encompass quite a lot. “Socketeers and Socket customers alike call up Dave, regardless of his workload, to fix everything from network outages and fiber issues to Outlook email failures,” said a coworker who nominated him.

“I just tell [my friends] I fix things,” said Dave.

In his free time, Dave takes on some interesting weekend projects. Along with several other Socketeers, Dave participated in last month's Float Your Boat Cardboard Regatta, raising funds for the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri.

Congratulations, Dave!

FREE Socket Fiber trial offer

On the fence about whether to sign up for Socket Fiber?
We want to help you jump off the fence! We're so sure you'll love our high-speed fiber Internet that we'll give it to you absolutely free for 2 months. No strings attached.
If you don't like it, we'll disconnect it and you won't owe us a thing. You don't have to give us a credit card number. You don't have to sign a contract. There really is NO catch.
Learn more about this offer, or call 1-800-379-2142 to sign up.

Softball Season is Here!

It’s finally starting to feel like spring, which is great news for Socket’s Softball team – it’s hard to get in the spirit when the temperature’s in the low 50s!
The team will be playing on Rainbow Field in Columbia most Friday nights, as part of Columbia’s Adult Coed Softball League. If you’re looking for something to do with the family on Friday nights, come check it out!
10 other teams are also part of the league, and games are every Friday night through mid-June. For more information on joining a sports league, visit Columbia’s Parks and Recreation page.

New Net Neutrality Proposal from the FCC

After the “Open Internet Order” was thrown out earlier this year, the FCC announced a new proposal for enforcing net neutrality. While it still maintains that ISPs cannot discriminate against content, they can “enter into individual negotiations with content providers” to prioritize service, so long as the ISP acts in a “commercially reasonable manner.”
In other words, if passed, an ISP could give preferential treatment to content from companies that agree to pay extra.
According to Tim Wu, in a blog on the New Yorker, "there is no such thing as accelerating some traffic without degrading other traffic."
The FCC has stated that this plan is not yet finalized, and may decide to take public comments before instating it.
Socket is still committed to the principles of Net Neutrality. Like we’ve said before, it’s your Internet. Use it! To contact an FCC chairperson, visit

Earth Day Tech Tips!

Earth Day is April 22nd, and we’ve put together a few ways you can make a difference.
While it doesn’t have to be Earth Day to make some improvements to your computer and office habits, it’s a good time to take stock of our behavior and how it can affect the environment.
Of course, if that’s not enough of a reason, there’s always the bonus of saving some cash too!
Here are a few simple steps you can take to “go green”:

  • Reduce energy consumption by utilizing your computer’s power saver options.
  • Turn off your computer at night, both to conserve energy and to reduce heat stress on your machine.
  • Donate or recycle your “outdated” electronics instead of throwing them out.
  • Consider purchasing “reusable” or “refillable” printer cartridges.
  • Upgrade to an LCD monitor to reduce energy usage by more than half.
  • Reduce paper usage by printing double-sided when possible.

Have any other ideas? Share them in the comments below!


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